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We are an end-to-end elearning soultions provider.Our passion is creating engaging learning experiences that change behaviors and impact performance.Over the past decade, we have built a track record of being a partner that brings innovation, agility and simplicity while helping clients design and deploy learning solutions for their employees, customers and partners. We have proven expertise in building shared services and platforms hat allow executive leadership to deploy their vision for knowledge assimilation, distribution, skills assessment, development and performance improvement across their learning eco system. We offer expert technical support, consulting services and content customization services. We have developed e-learning applications using Moodle and HTML5 for our clients. The applications have been optimized to be portable so that they can be run seamlessly on a variety of devices including but not limited to IPads,BlackBerry Playbooks and other tablets.


HTML5 has brought about a huge change in the way interactive applications are being built, its importance being further amplified in the field of e-learning. Almost all mobile devices on the market today have browsers that already support much of HTML5. It’s a good choice for mobile devices because rendering HTML5 code is generally not very processor-intensive compared to alternatives we’ve seen so far, and as mobile device manufacturers push the envelope to accommodate user demand for increased speed and multitasking, it just seems smarter to develop content using technology that demands less bandwidth and processing power. And with HTML5, mobile devices’ short product cycles become a good thing instead of a liability, as new devices generally mean new and more updated browsers. With devices like IPad and blackberry emphasizing their continuous support for HTML5, and the portability that HTML5 brings in , it has become a key ingredient in our solutions.

Our team has been at the forefront of embracing new technologies and we have successfully built scalable e-learning modules using HTML5 across a variety of platforms.

Our team of eLearning developers work very closely with clients from the design of the solution to the monitoring and tracking of eLearning results and effectiveness.Combining a deep knowledge with a passion for creation, you will find working with IRS to be a rewarding and thoroughly productive experience.